WiBa 100% Wireless Power Bank

WiBa wirelessly charges your smartphone AND power bank. It’s the only all-in-one charging solution that is 100% wireless. Say goodbye to cables forever!

SKU: AD005

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“WiBa introduces an exciting new way to keep your smartphone charged up throughout the day or night, and it’s quite phenomenal! Now you can charge your wireless smartphone AND the 5,000 mAh WiBa power bank together on its charging pad — totally cable free. It’s called “stackable” charging and is really convenient. At night, just place the WiBa power bank on the included charging pad, and place your smartphone on top of the power bank. No need to connect any cables. Both devices charge simultaneously within a few hours and are ready for your day ahead. Later by afternoon, when your phone battery runs low, just place it on top of the WiBa power bank, press the WiBa power button, and charge up. You can also charge your phone directly on the charging pad. This is a versatile charge system that’s making cables nearly obsolete. I love how easy it is to use and I know you will, too!”


Charge your power bank and smartphone simultaneously

  • 100% wireless, no cables
  • Up to 2x charges on-the-go
  • Charges all Qi devices
  • No adapters or cases required
  • Charges up to two devices at once

Charge phone & power bank at the same time – 100% Wirelessly

The WiBa power bank (5000mAh) charges your Qi enabled devices wirelessly and includes an all-in-one charging pad for a true cord cutting experience.

Wake up in the morning ready to go!

Just place your power bank on the included charging pad and your power bank instantly begins to charge. Next, place your Qi-enabled wireless charging phone on top of the power bank. Everything charges simultaneously for complete hassle-free charging.

Optional metal plates keeps phone attached to WIBA

Incudes two slim metal plates (black & silver) that attach to the back or the case on your phone. These plates enable your phone to stay magnetically attached to the power bank for a secure connection.

Fast charging (10W) Pad

The WiBa charging pad charges the power bank without plugging in a cord. It also serves as a traditional wireless charging pad that can charge your Qi enabled device 100% wirelessly.


Traveling? Just plug the USB Type-C cable into the power bank and charge WiBa and your phone wherever you go. WiBa becomes a portable wireless charging pad & power bank – all in one!


WiBa has loads of power (5,000 mAh) to keep you going all day and all night. On average, you can expect to charge your phone 1-2x — the perfect amount for everyday use.


Built-in LEDs show power levels at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. A separate LED indicates wireless output function is active.


WiBa weighs 5.3oz and fits in the palm of your hand.
Leave WiBa in your purse or briefcase and always be prepared when your phone runs low on power. It’s the perfect travel companion!

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