That’s impressive. I’d say you have customer service achieved as an art form. I hope you share your best practices with other firms (not competitors) because this is pure excellence. You have fantastic products and with your service to your customers, I don’t think you can be beat.

Philip S.
Buffalo, NY

RichardSolo customer service is exceptional! Not only are the products great, but when I had problems with my RichardSolo iPhone charger due to my carrying it improperly in my purse, the company promptly replaced it at no charge and gave me an extra gizmo to protect the plug that goes into my iPhone. This is Nordstrom service for technology gadgets and I feel as loyal to RichardSolo as I do to Nordstrom.

From R.C.
San Francisco, CA

While I was bummed to get the advertisement email of 30% on the very product I had just ordered, I never in a million years expected you to honor the sale price. Make no mistake, you have just cemented my loyalty to RichardSolo FOREVER! Please accept my sincerest thanks for demonstrating customer service that compares to none. You definitely leave your competition in the dust!
Thanks again a million!
Your new best friend

From B H in
Macon, GA

To the Solo group — it is certainly refreshing to work with a company that gets it. Your service and responsiveness is unheard of in these days. Your products are awesome, and fair priced. Please rest assured I recommend your group/products and services at every opportunity.

Scott D.
Los Angeles, CA

RichardSolo.com without a doubt has more integrity than any other retailer with which I have ever done business. Therefore, even though there is nothing in the company’s catalog that I really want, I really wanted to do business with you again, so I just placed an order for a few items.

Jeffrey Z.
Washington, D.C.

You truly run a first class operation. In all of my years of making purchases I have never seen service of this caliber. I would love to learn more about your organization whenever you can. I can clearly tell you this is the very best personal service I have ever received. Thank you!

George T.
Chicago, IL

What exceptional customer service! Near instant response time on a weekend and seemingly doing it with a smile.
Many Thanks

Alan C .
Mount Shasta, CA

I must comment on how impressed I am with your customer service. This is my second time ordering from your company. I will continue to do so and recommend your products to others. A happy and prosperous holiday to you and your company.

George k.

WOW!! Your service is excellent!! I mean I send you a message about a small cable problem on a Saturday, You respond immediately to send me a new one.Then by Sunday afternoon you already have an order number. Most companies would not have seen the email until Monday morning. Wow you all are seriously amazing!

Joe H.
Moreno valley, CA

Let me begin by thanking you. I received the replacement radio last week as promised. I am beyond impressed at the lengths you went to track me down so that your company could right something you didn’t even know was wrong. I figured I was beyond any warranty and didn’t even bother to contact you. And to be honest I was skeptical at first… what’s the catch? There wasn’t one. Never have I experienced this level of customer service, not in my local stores, and certainly not from an online company. Over the last two weeks I have told many friends and family about my experience with RichardSolo. All have been equally impressed.
You and your company demonstrate tremendous integrity and honesty; a way of doing business the old fashion way. A company a consumer can trust. You stand true to your mission statement: “It’s an online store that puts customer service and satisfaction as a first priority. We love interesting and new products, but most importantly, we value your satisfaction” and you have certainly practiced it in my case. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Erica K.
Westminster, CO

Thanks for the advice on batteries. I used 2 AAA batteries on the way to Singapore and am on my 3rd right now. I’m back home and I am very pleased with the Richard Solo noise-cancelling headphones. They eliminate most (not all) of the jet engine and voice background noise. I wish I had a Bose to compare with. Nonetheless, the headphones were comfortable to wear, the audio quality was excellent, and the noise cancelling worked very well. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, I’d rate the headphones an 8.5. I’m glad I purchased the product. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, a Multiple order customer

Al V.
Cincinnati, OH

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the way you do business. I recently placed an order with you and in just 2 days I received it all the way out here in Chicagoland. Your Customer Service is second to none and I love every product I have ever purchased from You.
I am a very picky person , so when I recommend your products to my friends, THEY LISTEN ! So many of my friends have also told me that the e-mail response was virtually instant and we all like that a lot. Richard and all of you GOT IT RIGHT, Don’t change a thing. ( I wish You were out here, I would love to work for Richard Solo)
Sincerely, a Multiple order customer

Dan R.
Schaumburg, IL

Set-up and used the sound system over the week end and it is terrific.
I should explain, that I am a “ZERD”, (zero nerd), the exact opposite of a nerd and technology frequently terrifies me. That is why i went to Apple 26 years ago and have never looked back,
Your instructions were simple and direct. Your product works well from the first try. Product appears to be well designed, functional and robust. Sound quality, while not music hall quality, is quite acceptable and pleasant.
Overall, I am more than pleased with both the product and customer service. Please tell Mr. Thalheimer, he is “bang on” with a terrific combination of interesting products and customer friendly service folks.

Bruce H.
Canton, OH

Again very impressive! Neat products, great prices, and exceptional customer service, you guys do business very well indeed. Guess that’s why we’ll be back again and again. Please let Richard know folks like you are why he’s keeping customers when so may others are losing theirs. Will let you know when the new unit arrives; the clunker will leave the same day.
thanks again,

David D.
Annapolis, MD

I have never received such amazing service. I just ordered this item Saturday and received it on Wednesday. It is already charging my iPhone 4 :). Wow! Thank-you for being everything you said you be! I just wanted you to know because I am so happy with your service and product I have share it with co workers. I have 6 people that will be placing orders :).

Suzanne W.
Thunder Bay, ON

Thank you so much for your speedy reply and generous actions. You obviously know the importance of customer service and satisfaction! I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the dual docking system. In the interim, I will be sure to bookmark this site for future needs and pass the website address along to friends and colleagues when they are seeking items such as this.
Thanks again for your assistance. I am already very impressed with this transaction.

Kimberley M.
Wendover, ON

I received my charger and I wanted to let you know pleased I am with it. I have been looking for one for my iPad for a long time and nobody can beat this for design, ease of use, power and price. Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!

Pamela H.

You are quick, responsive, and very very good. You gave me info, told me where to go for help, and supplied a copy of my invoice. Well done. I shall purchase additional items from RichardSolo in the future, due to your superb customer service. Kudos to you and the entire RS org.

Dan B.
Midvale, UT

Hi. I’m writing to tell you what a positive experience I had with my first order from RichardSolo.com. I had a question about my order, and I sent an e-mail to customer service. Robert and Paul acknowledged my question in less than 10 minutes and resolved it about 10 minutes after that. Outstanding!
My order then arrived the next day, which was sooner than expected, and every product in my order lived up to its description. The quality of each product exceeded my expectations, especially the noise-cancelling headphones (Richard downplays the sound quality, but I think they sound great!).
Thanks for making every aspect of my purchase (customer service, value, and quality) a positive experience.

Larry O.
Portland, CT

I received the power bank charged it, and (with trepidation) used it to charge an almost fully depleted iPad1. After reading of others’ bad experience with other chargers, I didn’t expect much.
The PowerMax charged the iPad 100%, and still had half its charge left over. EXCELLENT!
I recommend the RichardSolo!

Robert R.
Emeryville, CA

Thanks for your prompt attention to my concerns. Your fine products, backed up with excellent service, is why it has been such a pleasure to order from RichardSolo.com. Keep up the great work!

F. Davis
Lafayette, LA

I would like to commend your company for getting the product I ordered shipped quickly. I received it today in time for my upcoming vacation….I will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends

Suzanne K.
West Seneca, NY

Thank you for your prompt attention. It makes me feel like a valued customer and I will certainly keep your company in mind for any future purchases as well as mention to my friends how well I was treated.

Dale M
Brookfield WI

Thank you so much for your rapid, excellent support. You may quote me if you like.

Joe A.
Foster, RI

I want to first say i sent the watch to you at 2:36 mst 1/29/11. With that said, I want to thank you for the fast service I recieved from your company. I have purchased a lot items on the internet, but i have not gotten this kind of service at any time. I want you to know that when I want to buy something on the internet next time, I will look to your web site firs
Thanks again,

Don H.
Littleton, CO

I received the adapter today …..it works perfectly. I want to thank you again for all your help — and this is one person that will be recommending your product to everyone and also let them all know the great personal service you provide your customers. Everyone I know that has one of your products are all please with it and you have added another to the list and I will try and make that list even bigger.

Phyllis F.
Montville, NJ

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my refund request. Your integrity is remarkable and I am certain I will do business with you again.

Marilyn W.
Bulverde, TX

Kudos to your team. I do not think I have ever received such customer service from an on-line purchase. All I wanted to do was to point out a discrepancy on your web pages and a lot of people in your org took time to look into it. I truly appreciate all you have done. I hope you will have a very prosperous year and succeed beyond expectations.

Dag H.
Columbia, MD