UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger

Stay healthy! Illness-causing germs and bacteria thrive on smartphones, yet we seldom clean them. Now you can sterilize and remove up to 99.9% bacteria in just 15 minutes on your wireless smartphone while it charges.

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UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger

“These days, more than ever before, it’s so important to keep your personal items as sanitary as possible, and our UV Smartphone Sanitizer can definitely help! Smartphones are a daily necessity but according to health experts, they also harbor germs and bacteria that thrive on these devices. Now you can eliminate up to 99.9% of these contaminants using the latest in portable UV light technology. Our UV Smartphone Sanitizer does the job effortlessly and in a matter of minutes while charging your wireless smartphone at the same time. I highly recommend using this product on a regular basis for sanitizing your smartphone, eyeglasses, jewelry, watches earbuds, keys — even credit cards and other personal belongings — for better health and personal well-being!”


The Dirty Truth

Studies have shown smartphones are magnets for thriving germs and bacteria. Thousands upon thousands of microscopic illness-causing organisms are alive and well on your smartphone and other personal belongings.

The Good News

UV Smartphone Sanitizer destroys and eliminates 99.9% of these illness-causing contaminants in just 15 minutes.

A 99.9% bacteria-free smartphone in 15 minutes
How does it work?

Ultra-Violet (UV) technology has been used extensively throughout various industries where germ-free environments are mandatory. Food and pharmaceutical factories, water purification plants, medical facilities, and restaurants rely on ultra-violet technology to safely protect their environments from outside contaminants and pollution. Now you can use this same technology in a portable sanitizing device for your smartphone, music player, earbuds, keys, credit cards, and other personal items.

  • Just place your device inside the UV Smartphone Sanitizer, close the form-fitting lid, press the power button for 2 seconds and follow the voice prompts.
  • Dual germicidal UV lights bathe your device in a blue-violet glow that lets you know the sanitizer is working. In ten minutes, the initial sterilization completes followed by a 5-minute disinfection treatment that completes the task.
  • Your device is fully sanitized and is 99.9% rid of harmful germs and bacteria that were lurking just moments earlier. Strep, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, H1N1 and other viruses simply vanish in minutes — and you may immediately use your device.
UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger

UV Smartphone Sanitizer
Use it for good health and peace of mind

Features the latest UVC light technology providing safe, effective sterilization/disinfection for your smartphone and other personal items

Additional features

  • Voice prompts throughout the cleaning process
  • Operates from any USB-powered port using included cable
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