SCOUT 2500 mAh All-In-One Power Bank with FM Radio

SCOUT features an LED flashlight, 2500mAh backup battery, Bluetooth speaker / speakerphone, micro-SD card input, FM radio + a handlebar clip for your bike — all housed in a portable case that recharges from any computer or powered USB port.

SKU: AD003

SCOUT 2500 All-In-One Power Bank SCOUT 2500 All-In-One Power Bank SCOUT 2500 All-In-One Power Bank SCOUT 2500 All-In-One Power Bank SCOUT 2500 All-In-One Power Bank

“SCOUT is our latest All-In-One Power Bank and now includes FM radio. It looks like a flashlight at first glance and it actually is, but it does so much more. You get a bright LED flashlight shining 130 lumens of crisp white light… a 2500 mAh backup battery that adds hours of extra talk, viewing and listening time on your smartphone… a Bluetooth speaker with handsfree speakerphone, and a micro SD card input slot for playing MP3 files on the go.

And now FM radio with push-button tuning completes the package. Imagine all of these features? And it all fits in a little case measuring just 6 inches long and a little over 1 inch in diameter. You really can’t get more portable than that. We also include a handlebar clip for handsfree operation while riding your bike. This is a really good deal so be sure to check it out! ”


Meet SCOUT — the NEW All-in-One Power Bank

Super bright LED flashlight

A powerful beam (130 lumens) that lasts 3-4 hours per charge.

Bluetooth speaker

Pairs with your Bluetooth smartphone, tablet, or music player — Stream songs or Internet radio services like Pandora & Spotify — wirelessly.

FM radio

Remove the LED flashlight head, plug in SCOUT’s USB charge cable for an antenna, or use a longer cable for even better reception. Scan up (+) and down (-) the FM band for your favorite stations.

Micro SD card MP3 player

Access a hidden micro SD slot and play music / audio files using the built-in TF card reader.

Riding a bike? Listen hands-free

Mount SCOUT on your bike with the included bike/handlebar clip. Enjoy tunes via FM radio, SD card or Bluetooth and ride safely without earphones, headphones, or dangerous dangling wires. Convenient push button control panel provides easy access for all features.

Handsfree speakerphone

Functions via Bluetooth on your smartphone. Answer/end/decline calls with push-button convenience.

2500 mAh Lithium-ion backup battery

Add extra power to your smartphone, tablet & portable USB devices. Remove the LED flashlight head, plug in your own USB charge cable, press a button, and charge away

Easy recharge

Remove the LED flashlight head and connect SCOUT via USB charge cable (included) to any powered USB port. Charge time: about 3-4 hours.

Multifunctional. Multiuseful. Multieverything.

Carry SCOUT in your pocket, gear bag, or purse

  • 2500 mAh power bank — cure those “low battery blues” on your smartphone or tablet
  • Bluetooth speaker — play tunes via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet
  • Handsfree speakerphone — works with Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Built-in LED flashlight — light up the pathway while walking your dog
  • FM radio — tune in to your favorite stations on the go
  • Micro SD card MP3 player — plug in your SD card, play music & audio files
  • Bike/handlebar clip — mount SCOUT on a bike and enjoy hands-free listening
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