DG600 Wireless Charger

For newer iPhone / Samsung models & more

Enjoy desktop texting, emailing, movies or music at the perfect viewing angle while your smartphone charges. Includes a larger charging area — just place your phone and go!

SKU: DG600

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“The latest smartphones now charge wirelessly so you no longer need any cables. I really like our Wireless Charger because it docks and charges a smartphone wirelessly — either vertically or horizontally — and setup is so easy! You just connect the attached USB charge cable to any powered USB port or USB/AC adapter, and dock your device. No switches, no buttons, it’s that simple. Put the Wireless Charger to work on your own desktop, nightstand, or kitchen counter and I guarantee you will love the convenience!”


Charge your smartphone* wirelessly with or without a case

“Place and go” wireless charging technology means 2 coils provide a larger charging area for convenient wireless charging up to 10W. Charge your wireless device vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer.

The Wireless Charger includes a built-in USB power cable (46”) with LED power indicator, and is compatible with most Qi-enabled cell phones. Measures 2.75″W x 6″H x 4″D.

Works with newer wireless charging smartphones

*Check your smartphone user guide for compatibility


iPhone 8 and newer models (except iPhone 12 Mini)


Google Nexus 4 and newer


HTC Droid DNA and newer


Nokia Lumia 920 and newer


LG G2 and newer


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and newer models

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