4-in-1 UV Smartphone Sanitizer with Qi Wireless Charger

In only 3 minutes, this UV Smartphone Sanitizer destroys up to 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria on your iPhone/smartphone, Air Pods, Apple Watch, and personal belongings. Charges wireless iPhone/smartphones + Air Pods and Apple Watch.

SKU: VX002

UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger

“Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used extensively throughout various industries to safely protect their environments from outside contaminants and pollution. Our 4-in-1 UV Smartphone Sanitizer with Qi Wireless Charger uses a newer generation ultraviolet lamp for sanitizing iPhone, Air Pods and Apple Watch, while charging these devices. It works also on smartphones up to 6.5” in length, and can sanitize various personal items like keys, credit cards, watches, eyeglasses, jewelry, and more. A definite must-have these days, this versatile unit is affordably-priced and disinfects in just 3 minutes — much faster than similar products!”


The 3-minute UV Sanitizer

Studies have shown smartphones, ear buds and watches are magnets for thriving germs and bacteria. Thousands of microscopic illness-causing organisms are alive and well on these, and other personal belongings. Why chance it? The 4-in-1 UV Smartphone Sanitizer safely destroys and eliminates 99.9% of these illness-causing contaminants in only 3 minutes!

Fast and easy to use

  • Place your device inside the UV Smartphone Sanitizer, close the form-fitting lid and press the sanitize icon.
  • Powerful germicidal UV lighting disinfects your device from above with 360-degree coverage.
  • In 3 minutes, your device is fully sanitized and 99.9% rid of harmful germs and bacteria.
  • You may immediately use your device.

Charge iPhone/smartphones +
Air Pods and Apple Watch

  • Built-in Qi wireless charging function supports iPhone 8 and newer models, plus most current Samsung/Android smartphones.
  • Place your phone on the charge pad and press the charge icon to begin wireless charging.
  • Plug your Air Pod case into the slot to charge.
  • Place your Apple Watch in the cradle to charge.
  • Charging works independently from sanitizing — Items can be charged while sanitizer is OFF or ON

4-in-1 UV Smartphone Sanitizer with Qi Wireless Charger

  • Features newest UVC light technology — get safe, effective sterilization/disinfection for your iPhone, smartphone, Air Pods, Apple Watch, and other personal items
  • Scientifically proven — tested by independent third-party laboratories to kill 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria
  • Fully enclosed design — uses no harmful chemicals or heat. Leaves no pollution or residue behind. Use as often as needed.
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Destroys Natural pathogen, White staphylococcus aureus, Golden staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and other harmful organisms
UV Smartphone Sanitizer/Wireless Charger

Additional features

  • Built-in pad charges wireless-enabled smartphones – no need to power off the phone — leave it on
  • Sanitize all of your personal items — music players, earbuds, eyeglasses, credit cards, watches, jewelry, keys, combs, face masks, pocketknives, toothbrushes, baby toys, socks, and other small objects
  • Operates from any USB-powered port using included cable
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