38000 mAh 3-USB/12V DC Power Pack

Charge smartphones, tablets & USB devices Power 12V DC electronics, car refrigerators, portable air pumps & more. Perfect for home, office & travel.

SKU: TY001

38000 mAh 3-USB/12V DC Power Pack 38000 mAh 3-USB/12V DC Power Pack 38000 mAh 3-USB/12V DC Power Pack 38000 mAh 3-USB/12V DC Power Pack 38000 mAh 3-USB/12V DC Power Pack

“This power pack charges 3 USB devices at once, plus I use it for powering 12V DC electronics like my portable air pump. Its really convenient adding air to my tires without messy power cords. I simply plug the air pump power cord into the DC port on the power pack and fill them up. When away from traditional power outlets, connecting a 12V DC-powered air pump also works great for filling inflatable paddle boards & air mattresses at the lake. No tangles, no mess very nice!”


Get power when and where you need it
3 USB power ports + 12V DC port

Use at home, office, on the road or on your next outdoor adventure!

  • Charge smartphones, tablets & other USB devices anywhere
  • Power small DC appliances, portable TVs, etc.
  • Power 12V DC devices in your car, boat or RV
  • Power a 12V DC air pump great for tires, inflatable paddle boards,
    air mattresses, balls, toys, etc.
  • Light up a room when the power goes out
  • Brighten outdoor work, camping & picnic areas
  • Built-in LED flasher for emergencies on the road
  • Goes anywhere portable design includes soft travel case

How many charges can you get?

38,000 mAh goes a long way!

  • iPhone X 9 charges
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 6 charges
  • iPhone 12 Mini 11 charges
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 7 charges
  • iPad Mini (2019 model) 5 charges
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2021 model) 2-2.5 charges
  • Galaxy A22 5 charges
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5 charges
  • Galaxy A52 6 charges

Easy plug & press design

Plug in your smartphone or device, press the power button

  • Weighs about 2 pounds carries with one hand
  • 4 built-in LEDs show remaining capacity (0-25-50-100%)
  • Built-in LED light & emergency flasher E-Z On/Off push button control
  • One 2.4A Smart USB port fast charge smartphones, tablets & larger USB devices
  • One 1A USB port charge smartphones, music players, smaller tablets & USB devices
  • One 2.1A USB port charge smartphones, tablets & USB devices
  • One 12V DC port power 12V DC electronics & small appliances
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