2-Device Wireless Charging Cable

Connect this cable to any powered USB source and you can charge two devices at once — one wired and one wireless. Unique 3-in-1 tip has the connectors you need — Lightning, micro-USB, and Type C. Built-in pad charges wireless smartphones.

SKU: IM002

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“I love simple solutions, and this one I really like. The 2-Device Wireless Charging Cable rolls up and fits in my pocket. While away from my desk I can charge my iPhone and another wired device using the wireless pad and built-in smart 3-way wired connector. The connector fits Type C devices, and another connector tucked inside fits both Apple Lightning and micro-USB devices. Just connect this cable to any powered USB source on your computer, USB/AC adapter, or one of our power banks, and you’re good to go!”


3-in-1 charge tip connects with Lightning, micro-USB and
Type C USB devices


Charge any wireless enabled smartphone. Just place your
phone on the pad!

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