24000 mAh 4-USB Solar Power Bank

Charge up to 4 USB devices simultaneously at home, the office, on the road, or on adventures in the great outdoors. Rugged, weatherproof 24,000 mAh power bank with solar backup charges smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras — and goes anywhere.


SKU: ME001


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“When it comes to power banks, I favor larger charge capacities, and our 24,000 mAh 4-USB Solar Power Bank really fills the need! It has 4 independent USB ports that can charge your smartphone, tablet, and other USB connected devices, all at the same time. It has a solar backup option, plus a built-in directional compass that comes in handy on the trails.

Solar charging requires much longer charge times, so I suggest charging the unit completely from a USB/AC wall outlet until all 4 LEDs glow solid blue. Then use solar as needed for topping off the power bank when away from regular power sources. This method ensures you are reaping the true benefits of what this power bank can do for you. It’s a powerful backup source for all of your USB connected mobile devices and I think it’s a great accessory or gift for any power user today."


Charge up to 4 USB devices from one power bank

  • 24,000 mAh high capacity power
  • 4 independent 2A charge ports
  • Charge iPhone, Samsung, smartphones + iPad/tablets, GoPro cameras, GPS, and other USB connected devices
  • Connect & charge using your own cables

At the office, on the road, or on the trail… GREAT built-in features for on-the-go power users

  • Solar panel adds extra charge capacity when outdoors
  • Includes built-in directional compass
  • 3-way LED flashlight / SOS / flashing strobe for emergencies
  • Clip the carry strap to your backpack for solar charging on the trail

Rugged quality — Durable design

  • Solid ABS case — splashproof*, dustproof, shockproof
  • Weatherproof rubber enclosed power button
  • Flexible rubber tabs enclose and protect USB / micro-USB / type C ports from the elements
*Note: Solar power bank is water resistant but not completely waterproof - Do not submerge or expose to excess water
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